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Felecia's Pamper Palace has been in business for over 25 years. We specialize in complete hair care. We want you to have the perfect experience 

Felecia Wright ~ A stylist for over 25 years and an instructor, Felecia is an expert on all facets of haircare. She specializes in keeping your hair healthy while executing the latest styles with color, press and curl, weaves, hair extensions and braids.


Felecia's Pamper palace was founded when a need for an Specialty hair salon was discovered in North Orange County.  In July of 1989 the salon opened in Anaheim, California. The word spread rapidly about the new salon that was offering to guarantee there work.


It is important to the staff at Felecia's pamper palace that everyone leaves satisfied with the job that is being done. If for any reason they are not the work is completed to satisfaction. This still true today

Our Vision

Our Story


Our vision is that every customer leaves with a great styile and the means to take care of their hair.  It does not matter what problems they may experiance we will teach you how to keep your hair healty while wearing the styles you love. We provide the best products for the needs of our clients.

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